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Village Tragedy
by E.R. Vine
anim. cartoon figure chewing

Thanksgiving Feast
by Debbie Farmer
<fat chef

Up In Smoke
by Gary Presley
no money

Letter To Home
by Fred Desjardins
mechanical pencil

Million Redneck March
by Ben Baker
cartoon of Ben

Tales of the Romantically Challenged
by Caterina Christakos
Pepe LePew

by Tim Coles
Clown With Pigs

Self–Preservation And RST
by Paul MolyneuxFootball Player

The Restaurant Rollers
by Tom O'BrienCartoon Chef

Got Them ol' Laundromat Blues
by Gloria SlaterCartoon Chef

Crunch and Chocula:  A Treatise
by Luana Krause
Cereal Cartoon

High School Days:  First Date
by Danny Dunne
classic car

On Black Gold and HP...
by M.L. Nelson
animated computer

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