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Cat's Meow Saved Owner from Toronto Fire


TORONTO — Buddy the cat is being hailed a hero on Friday after saving his owner's life by waking the sleeping man during a raging fire.

The dark tabby transferred some of his own nine lives to his owner when a fire erupted in their shared apartment in a Toronto suburb on Thursday. The cat responded by jumping on the man and meowing loud enough to wake him up.

The 75–year–old man, who is expected to survive, is being treated in hospital for burns to his face and hands. Meanwhile, his pet is hooked up to an intravenous unit, but is expected to fully recover.

"He's definitely a hero. If he hadn't woken him up he could have died in that fire," said Kelly Hand, a registered veterinarian technician who has been treating Buddy at a Toronto animal hospital. "This is pretty unusual for a cat. It would be more likely that a dog would do something like this."

Buddy arrived at the animal hospital with singed fur and covered in black soot. He is now taking an anti–shock drug, yet remains in good spirits.

"He's really a calm cat considering what he's been through," said Hold. "He's very good natured and easy going."

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