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Adventures in Moving

I just moved. I have been here since Tuesday . . . in my cute little abode (that's Slavic for "get those damn boxes off my foot.")

I found BOTH bathrooms the first night. Do you think it could have been something I ate? Or could it be that the thrill of moving has finally hit me? I do get emotional when I clutch my fists and talk in grunts while I'm unpacking boxes.

I found the kitchen stove right away. But that was because I had accidentally turned one of the burners on and an unpacked box caught on fire.

I also found all the doorways. They"re the things you find when your knuckles hit them while you carry stacks of boxes you have to unpack.

I was looking for the bedroom for the longest time. I found it the second night. I was almost able to unbend my knees around the boxes I had to unpack while I slept.

No, it wasn't bad. Much more restful than the previous night . . . sleeping propped up in the bathroom corner against the shower.

My third night here a friend told me I could sleep on the couch. He was trying to help me. I told him I couldn't find the couch.

After a couple of days now my cats (three of them) have thoroughly acclimated themselves to their new surroundings by throwing up in every room of the house. I am glad to see they divided the responsibility. It wouldn't have been fair for one of them to do more than their share.

Since I am a professional, I knew I had to eventually leave those cozy surroundings, so I started to learn about the city. I am proud to announce that I can now drive north and south on two streets, all by myself. And I can also drive east and west on one street, as long as I can find that street.

A challenge arose when I was called one day to drive on that one street to get to a professional appointment. That meant hanging upside–down long enough to find grown–up clothes. That worked just fine until I arrived and I was getting out of my car. I had my Tigger slippers on. So threw them into the back seat, ran barefoot across the parking lot and into the meeting.

During the meeting I sat with my ankles tucked under me . . . I think about 45 inches. I never ached so much from trying to look relaxed in my life.

Today, the beginning of the second week, I found the chimney and fireplace. And yes, I was tempted to toss in a few neatly–packed boxes and light a fire. But there's always tomorrow.

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