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In honor of

Vivian Marie
(Russell) Pettis York

She was brilliant at business, she loved to make paper dolls, and she was quite adept at coloring books. In addition, she always managed to make all the food at the Thanksgiving table come of the oven come out at exactly the same time! If someone would have created a contest called "Coupon Queen" she would have won it. Double coupons made her go into a trance! She could have been an Olympic contender in high school (Hollywood High) in both tennis and swimming, had she not married at the age of 17. But she was addicted to watching tennis matches on t.v., and you couldn't keep her out of a swimming pool—something we share in common.

She gave me her spirit of loving children and a feeling of tender forgiveness I can't describe.

Dad. . .my "1st" Dad:  
Emmitt King "Tex" Pettis

He had a sixth grade education from a tiny town in West TX when he moved to CA as a young man. He had nothing but his bottomless charm and zeal, and opened his own roofing contracting business. He was often seen on weekend evenings at home with a gigger of whiskey in one hand, a cigar in the other, and showing that he intimately knew what an inside straight was. His life was full of smiles, hearty pats on the backs for others, and goodwill for everyone he saw. And that man visibly sparkled every time I entered a room.

I owe him several things:  my never–say–die, entrepreneurial spirit as well as my deep respect for lessons of the heart.

Papa. . .my "2nd" Dad
Raymond E. York
3/9/1914—9/6/2006 (Yes, he was 92.)
He was the most honest, honorable, patient, compassionate, and well–learned "everyman" this world has ever produced. A "cop"/police officer of 27 years ("Sergeant York" of the California Highway Patrol—CHP.) He had three careers from which he "retired" (translation:  quit one on Friday and start the next on Monday. Navy, Deputy Coroner.) His only fault:  his gawdawful puns. This man probably had more of an impact on me than any single man in my lifetime. He was the first person to bring me to global awareness (it was he who told me who Jacques Cousteau was when I was 11.) I learned gardening, cabinetry, how to drive a stick shift (I didn't know what a clutch was.) Finally, one of the biggest lessons:   I learned what tenderness in a man looks like.

I owe him my love of the earth and the wonders of a life of learning.

Everything we do is all because of you!
your daughter,
Margie (Pettis) Culbertson

and your son,
Joe Pettis

With great love and admiration.

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©Margie Culbertson

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