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I'm a fourth–generation, Southern California native, and I talk about that as if it were normal. I am over-educated, underpaid, and always driving. I live with my three cats: the inside cat, the outside cat, and the emergency back–up cat. Mine is a happy warm home, especially when the air conditioning is busted.

My humorous stories, columns, and books on many subjects have been published in general fiction, nonfiction, and in academia. I am told that my writing has graced the walls of the finest toilets in this country. Yet, I am a woman of mystery. Many of my writing pieces are penned in pseudonyms—using names of strangers from phone books (small strangers, big phone books.)

In my life, I have the distinction of actually surviving the raising of two teenagers. Doctors tell me that most of my hair will eventually grow back.

Many awards have come my way. Just last year, armed with only a bottle of spray Pam, I captured the award for the "Can you get your baby out of a back seat of a Honda Accord" contest sponsored by Toyota. (Is anyone missing a nicely-oiled baby?)

Shrewd also in my financial dealings, I bought Ho Ho's when they were up and Snowballs when they were sliding. In addition, The National Science Foundation pays all my bills as a token of their appreciation for everything I've done for them.

Every Tuesday I reinvent the wheel, all of my spices are alphabetized, and I know where most of my socks are. I am starved for affection, a master at hopscotch, and I am wanted in five states.



Highly educated:  five years post–graduate coursework in disciplines of Speech Communication, Counseling Psychology, and Higher Education beyond the Masters Degree.
Possess highly-developed writing and speaking communication skills.
Creative freelance writer and editor.
Experienced personal and professional speaker and trainer at conferences and workshops.
Self–starter, tenacious, and organized.
Project–oriented as well as people–oriented.
Can communicate and simplify complex concepts into understandable and useful ideas.

Angelo State University; San Angelo, TX
Post–graduate PhD studies, 2000–2001
Counseling Psychology

Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX
Post–graduate EdD studies, 1994–95
Higher Education

University of Texas; Austin, TX
Post–graduate PhD studies, completed all coursework for program, 1989–92
Speech Communication
[Studied the value of humor as a form of communication.]

San Diego State University; San Diego, CA
Master of Science Degree, 1981
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Graduated with distinction in the major.

San Diego State University; San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Science Degree, 1978
Graduated with Honors

Freelance Writer/Editor
National and International Markets
Fiction (Short original humor, Short stories—Everyday life experiences with a twist, Slice–of–Life writing); Non–Fiction including Profiles, How To's, Inspirational, Family Life, Columns; Academic Presses works. Regular columnist for AARP Mississippi online.

MS Center for Nonprofits; Jackson, MS
Consultant Coordinator
Coordinated and trained large number of nonprofit consultants under ten areas of expertise. In addition, did conference training across disciplines.

Lake Washington Technical College; Kirkland, WA
Faculty:  General Education Department
Teach:  Psychology courses, Speech, Communication.

Central Carolina Technical College; Sumter, SC
Full–Time Faculty:  Departments of Speech and Psychology (dual assignment)
Taught:  Public Speaking; General, Developmental, Abnormal, and Human Relations Psychology.

Angelo State University; San Angelo, TX
Full–Time, Part–Time Faculty:  Department of Communication, Drama and Journalism.
Taught:  Public Speaking, Critical Thinking/College Preparation, Personal and Professional Communication and Development courses.

1980–1999 (concurrent with other positions)
Universities, Colleges, Adult Education, and Community Colleges in San Diego County, CA; Austin, Lubbock, Levelland, and San Angelo, TX; Sumter, SC.; and Washington State
College–Level Instructor:  Departments of Speech Communication, Psychology, Business, and Counseling.
Taught:  Communication:  Oral and Written Communication; Public Speaking; Interpersonal Communication; Group Communication; Multicultural Communication; and Workplace Communication. Psychology:  General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology. Business:  Managerial Psychology, Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Human Relations. Counseling:  Acted as Counselor, Vocational Trainer and Job Skills Counselor; taught Creativity, Study Skills, Personal and Professional Development, Academic/Career/Life Planning; and created and taught Train–the Trainer Workshops for college faculty in many universities and colleges.

From above positions—Universities, Colleges, Adult Education, and Community Schools in San Diego County, CA; Austin, Lubbock, Levelland, and San Angelo, TX; and Sumter, SC: 
* 1995–99:  Central and West TX (workshops, seminars, train–the–trainer sessions, guest teaching, conferences)
* 1994–95 (concurrent):  TX Tech University (Continuing Education Dept.); Lubbock, TX
* 1994–95 (concurrent):  South Plains Comm. College (Communication; Professional Development Dept); Levelland, TX
* 1990–92 (concurrent):  Concordia Lutheran College (Communication Division); Austin, TX
* 1989–93 (concurrent):  Austin Comm. College (Business Dept.; Drama Dept.); Austin, TX
* 1989–93:  (concurrent):  University of Texas (Speech Communication Dept.; interdisciplinary Train–the–Trainer Faculty Training sessions); Austin, TX
* 1987–89:  Grossmont/Cuyamaca Colleges (Dept. of Business; Counseling; Vocational Education); San Diego, CA
* 1982–87:  National University–accelerated month–long courses (Dept. of Business; Dept. of Psychology); Vista, CA
* 1980–82:  San Diego State University (Continuing Education Dept., Business Dept.); La Mesa, CA

1986–1991 (concurrent)
San Diego County, CA; Austin, Lubbock, Levelland, and San Angelo, TX; and Sumter, SC; and Washington State. University and Industry Trainer: 
Hired by colleges and university through recommendation of Director of Teaching Effectiveness at University of Texas, M. Svinicki. Programs were Train–the–Trainer Faculty Training sessions: 
* 1991:  Huston–Tillotson College; full faculty training in improving teaching effectiveness Train–the–Trainer FacultyTraining sessions; Austin, TX
* 1989–93:  University of Texas; full faculty training in improving teaching effectiveness Train–the–Trainer Faculty Training sessions; Austin, TX
* 1986:  American Institute of Banking (AIM):  Team Building, Customer Service, Problem Solving, Telephone Skills, Negotiation and Mediation Skills

San Diego, CA; Austin, Lubbock, Levelland, and San Angelo, TX; and Sumter, SC; and Washington state.

Owner, Culbertson and Associates

Trainer, speaker, consultant, recruiter, researcher, writer, editor, copywriter.
• Communications training:  worked with companies, organizations, the community, and business individuals across many industries.
• Presentations included conferences, keynote speaking, workshops, seminars, and small groups worldwide:    business and person communication, human relations, productivity, time management, historical and motivational speeches about "super achievers", personal and professional development, team building, becoming an entrepreneur, public speaking, and assigned topics as requested.
• Professional writer:  ghost writer (fiction and nonfiction), copywriter, published writer in fiction and nonfiction (humor, profiles, how–to's ), editor of textbooks, designer of print display copy, designer and teacher in corporate business correspondence for client companies, authored employee manuals, business publications and documentation as required, created promotional copy, and other materials; and wrote proposals, newsletters, and brochures.
• Recruiter for client corporations and for Management Recruiters, a head–hunter firm.
• Responsible for projects from inception to completion, including research as well as design, development, selection of curriculum, texts, training media, software, and design and writing of all written materials and mixed media.

1987–1988 (concurrent)
Outplacement Director,
G. David Gray; San Diego, CA
Two–year contract to create new division for an employment development company. Included development, training, team building, promotion, working with corporate clients, and directing the division. Integral portion of responsibility was creation of all oral and written training, promotional materials, and business correspondence.

PUBLICATIONS (under the name of Margie Culbertson): 
* Recent books: Laugh Your Shorts Off (2009); SALES: Don't just close a sale; open a relationship (2012.)

* Forthcoming books: Spirituality and World Religion Essentials: Interviews and Truths of Faith Traditions Side by Side; Getting into College: Essential and Secret Hints & Step-By-Step To Dos for grades 9-12How to Study in College: Essentials to get A's, have fun, and save your sanity!

* Business and Industry policy handbooks and manuals, marketing materials, San Diego, CA, 1978–1989.

* The Standard Magazine:  Susan Perlman. (A Profile)
Arlington Heights, IL; September, 1998.

* The Standard Magazine:  One Church, Three Congregations.
Arlington Heights, IL; October, 1999.

* The Writer, Austin Writers Guild.
Featured columnist "MARKETS" column; Austin, TX, 1997–2001.

* Culbertson, Margie. How to Get Results with People through Sales.
Trade paperback, San Diego, CA:  Culbertson & Associates, 1983.

* Culbertson, Margie. "Managing in Tough Times" and "Success"
San Marcos Outlook Newspaper, 1982–84; Escondido. Sentinel Newspaper, CA, 1982–84.

Krackle, Larry (2010). Alphasaurus Rax: Astounding Animal Altercations

Widger, Glenda (2010). The Southern Belle Illusion: Stories from my real and imaginary lives

Hamilton, C. and C. Parker (1992). Communicating for results. Belmont, Ca:  Wadsworth Publishers.

Bovee, C. and J. V. Thill (1988). Business Communication Today. New York:  McGraw Hill.

Inducted into Honor Society of Pi Gamma Mu for superior scholarly achievement in the field of Social Sciences
Inducted into Honor Society of Psi Chi for superior scholarly achievement in the field of Psychology
Angelo State University; San Angelo, TX, 2001

Honored for Scholarly Achievement
Dept. of Speech Communication, University of Texas; Austin, TX, 1991–92.

Nominated for Graduate Excellence in Teaching
Department of Speech Communication, University of Texas at Austin; during academic year 1990–91.

Designated as "Master Scholar"
Grossmont/Cuyamaca California Community College board; 1987.
Graduated with Distinction in the Major
San Diego State University, 1981.

Graduated with Honors
San Diego State University, 1978.

Designated ComServe's "Expert in Higher Education" designation, member of nominating board, 1985.
ComServe International; Chicago, IL

ACADEMIC CONFERENCE PAPERS:  (concentration on the use of humor as a form of communication in teaching effectiveness): 

Culbertson, M. (May, 1993). Improvisational humor at a comedy club:  An ethnographic investigation. International Communication Association; Washington, D.C.

Culbertson, M (June, 1993). Humor in Action. International Conference on Humor and Laughter, International Society for Humor Studies; Sheffield, England.

Culbertson, M. (October, 1992). Humor as communication:  Instructional strategies for the college classroom; Humor and Communication Seminar. Speech Communication Association, Chicago, IL.

Culbertson, M. and E.D. Wrobbel (August, 1992). "Shop Talk":  An ethnographic analysis of communication about and between comics inside the comedy club. Ethnography of Communication Conference; Portland, OR.

Culbertson, M. (June, 1992). The Use of humor in college teaching. Latest ideas in Communication and How to Teach Them Conference; SUNY, Albany, NY.

Culbertson, M. and E.D. Wrobbel (August, 1991). Emotion in the voice. International Conference on Social Psychology and Language; Santa Barbara, CA.

Culbertson, M. (June, 1991). Adults in the clubhouse:  An ethnography of comedy clubs. International Conference on Humor and Laughter, International Society for Humor Studies; Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

Culbertson, M. (June, 1991). Soren Kierkegaard:  Humor and the comic. International Conference on Humor and Laughter, International Society for Humor Studies; Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

Culbertson, M. (March, 1991). Jokes and the ritualization of humor in the comedy club. Joint Meeting of the International Popular Culture and the American Culture Association; San Antonio, TX.

* Member of Unity Organization—Sumter, SC; 2002.
* Member of planning group for Black History Month, Central Carolina Technical College—Sumter, SC; May, 2002.
* Committee Member/Speaker, Rams Against Violence, Angelo State University—San Angelo, TX; 2000.
* Committee Member, Outreach Division—displaced workers, South Plains College—Levelland, TX; 1996.
* Created resource book of Teaching Techniques, University of Texas—Austin; 1992.
* Served on Multicultural and Diversity Committee, Dept. of Communication, University of Texas—Austin; 1991–92.
* Editorial/Program Board, TX Conference on Organizations in Education, University of Texas—Austin; 1990–91.
* Created and taught "Communication Apprehension" workshops to students across all disciplines, University of Texas—Austin; 1989–91.
* Developed and taught "Ethics for Students, Professionals, and the Community" workshops, University of Texas—Austin; 1989–91.
* Served as member of Professional Development Committee, Grossmont Community College, San Diego, CA; 1988–89.
* Taught faculty train–the–trainer "Master Teacher" professional development courses, Grossmont Community College; El Cajon, CA, 1987–89.
* Member of ad hoc Board of Nominators, "Master Scholars" resource collection, National Board; 1987–1989.
* Developed and taught "Master Teaching" sessions, Grossmont Community College, San Diego, CA; 1988–89.
* Committee member, Grant Research Decision Committee, Grossmont Community College, San Diego, CA; 1988–89.

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