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NYC Celebrity Hawks Spotted Mating


— New Yorkers were all atwitter Thursday over the highly public canoodling of one of their most high–flying celebrity couples — Pale Male and Lola.The pair of red–tailed hawks have been spotted flagrantly mating all around the neighborhood of the ritzy Fifth Avenue apartment building where they were evicted, then restored to a brand new, architect–designed love nest last December.
"It's hard to miss them now. They're seriously trying to propagate," bird–watcher Marie Winn told Reuters.
The mating was front–page news for the tabloid New York Post, but Winn said that, hormones being what they are, the mating was never in doubt.
The only question, she said, was whether the hawks would take to their old nesting site, which was rebuilt in stainless steel and protected by spikes."They didn't reject the nest site and they were faithful to it," Winn reported.A media frenzy erupted over the birds' eviction by wealthy residents angry over the droppings and half–eaten pigeons littering the elegant building's entrance.

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