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PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, February, 2005 — BRISTOL TOWNSHIP - Self-described graffiti hater Joe Hermann removed graffiti that was found Wednesday morning on Faith Reformed Church in Bristol Township.

Hermann, who belongs to the church, said this is the second time in a year that the church has been spray-painted by vandals.Church secretary Julie Williams said the spray-painted markings were found at the base of the church, below the sign, and also on benches in the church's prayer garden.

The prayer garden is a new addition to the church property, costing the congregation about $10,000, Williams said, adding that she called Bristol Township police.

Last summer, graffiti was found on a shed and gazebo on the church property, Williams added.

Hermann is a disabled veteran who keeps paint handy and removes graffiti as a civic-minded pastime. He said he recovered two cans of blue and black spray paint that he believed were left behind by the vandals.

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