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Computers, Business Machines
Big motor, idles quiet, cup–holder broke. $100.

Canal Boat
Sinks slowly.
Call Howard's Plumbing at 123–OBUOY

Slightly Used Ear Plugs
Still stick. $10
Call 123–ear–gooey

Garage Sale
American–made garage.
Door extra.
$11,999 OBO
Call 1123–gotya–covered

Treadmill. Gas powered.
Only 125 miles on it. $125

La–Z–Boy Recliner
Pink color. Pictures available upon request. Did not use. $200.00 OBO. Flamingo poster goes with it.
Call Harvey Schlemmer (ASAP), Teamster Local 385

Located inside and in front of Howard's Plumbing. No oily residue.
Call 123–Swim

Ant Hills
Never used. 90–Day Warranty.
Call 123–ZIPPY



Night Shight Commode Inspector Technician, Level IV

Must have proven experience with commodes and as well as the
latest plumbing technology and virus scan software related to
plumbing such as:  Quick Wipe, Adobe WaterShop, and
Microsoft My Word. Bonus if worker stays on the job for
the whole shift.
Call Pepto Spector Company at

Nanni Needed: 
Need nanny to watch over 7yr old son while at work. Very
social and energetic. You would love him as soon as
you see him. He is home because teacher doesn't
understand. Please contact me ASAP. He will come out of
his room I think. Pay would be $30 per hour.

In Memoriam
Hardy H. U. Arckswrap
Jan 9, 1904  –   Jan 2, 2000
Send flowers to National Parakeet Carrier Society.

Always Air
Your one–stop shop for helium.
Wednesdays are Ladies" Day or Men who sing soprano.
Call 123–HIGH

Superman's Allergy To Kryptonite Cured!
Clark Kent, ace staff reporter, has discovered an antihistamine
for kryptonite, called "anticroak." For samples and discounts
on 10 ton or more.
See Mr. Kent's product website at:

July 26, 2008
Hailstump CornerYouth Pool
Bring your own flippers.

LOST:   Dog
"Pretty Girl" Collie, Labrador, German
Shepherd, Poodle female, white and brown and black &
tan, 1 year old, multi–colored collar,
a real lover. Last seen with male Duschound by
the name of "Dreamer. "
Lost January 7 on Eighth Avenue and Main Street

LOST:   Wife
Somewhere in lingerie section of Macy's . Downtown Winchester.
Please page for Richard Sterns. My description: 
6 ft. 2 inches, brown hair,
grey pants, grey shirt, and red purse.

Farm. 21 Acres.
3 miles from the Farminglow, KY city limits out Hwy 149
on the Jones Freeway. Includes horses, cattle, pigs,
ducks, pigeons, mice and scarecrow.
Call 270–BOY–HABIT

Mortuary For Sale
"Heaven Bound"
You Can Own the American Dream.
$85,000 Down.
$1,000 Payments a year.
Call Fly–Away–Wings

Home for Rent
Includes a veritable backyard oasis. Conveniently located
near major freeways and water treatment facilities.
Call 352–wet–springs

SWM:  Roommate needed for six bedroom
north–side condo.
$1500/month plus 1/2 utilities.
Must enjoy garlic, taxidermy & clock repair.

SWF:  Seeks any M, age 16–52,
for immediate marriage.
Willing to beg.
Call 24/hours, 7/days 1–888–

SWM:  39, enjoys assault rifles, heavy
drinking, and testosterone.
Seeks like–minded SF, W only, to listen to
political conspiracy theoriesand help stock secluded mountain shelter.
Don't bother to write, I already know where you live.

SWF:  25, enjoys poetry recitals, interpretive
dance, herb tea, New Agemusic, Communing with Gaian nature spirits, and Jello
Seeks aloof, analytic wimp.

SWM:  59, wide range of interests including: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Power Rangers, and Sea Quest.
ISO compatible F.

SM:  Seeking an adventurous SF Interested in
underwater bondage with orw/o scuba gear, and Albino livestock breeding.
No weirdos please.

SBM:  Vegetarian Truck–driving Republican
juggler Wishes to meet womanof similar interests. Must be ambidextrous.

DWF:  Crazy People Need Love Too.
If you enjoy destroying good furniture, police lineups
and locking your friends in closets, we already have two
things in common!
Let's get together.

DM:  Dentist, 35. Desires to meet that special woman
with real inner beauty.
Send latest X–rays.

DWM:  Compulsive Liar Seeks beautiful woman to share
my million–dollarRiviera chateau.
Visa Gold Card a must.
Private plane a plus.

SWM:  32, interested in find someone who would enjoy
discussing, in detail, my life.

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