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The Good News Gazette

Artsy cow parade heads to Wisconsin

© 2005, Madison, Wisconsin

UK —A herd of artist-enhanced cows headed for the Dairy State as the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board called for artists and sponsors of its summer 2006 event.

"We're talking about 100 cows around Wisconsin," a marketing board spokesman told the Wisconsin State Journal. "We have plans to take the cows all over the state."

The state Milk Marketing Board hopes the June–though–October CowParade Wisconsin raises awareness of the state's $20.6 billion dairy industry. The company guiding the artful herd is West Hartford, Conn.–based CowParade, which says it has staged 20 such charity events since 1999 when Chicago and New York started blazing the trail.

McFarland, Wis., artist Steven Kozar told the newspaper his neighbors must wonder at the 100–pound fiberglass bovine statue he has been painting in his front room.

While he usually paints traditional rural scenes, "there's something just plain funny looking at a cow face to face," Kozar said.

© August 17, 2005
United Press International

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