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author:  Margie Culbertson

April/May 2000 Humor Writing Contest Winner
Best Short Humor!

Cat Poems


Sally Connors


When you're the smallest cat
The other cats don't cheer
They don't say:  "Isn't she cute? "
And "Aren't we glad she's here? "
They say:  "You're in my spot"
And "You can eat when I'm done"
They say:  "Excuse me that's mine"
Oh no it isn't much fun
Being the youngest and smallest
There are easier things to be
Thank goodness my human is here
To lavish affection on me.


When in the course of day
A new object I meet
Is it good to play with?
Is it good to eat?
These are things I need to know
Mysteries excite me so
In fact, could someone tell a boy
Why can't everything be my toy?


When at night into bed I do creep I discover
Once again I must plead "May I please have some cover? "
Though it pains me to have to disturb your sweet slumber
Five in a bed is just too great a number.
As I sternly cajole them, the big and the little
"Would you kindly make room for me there in the middle? "
Yet I have to admit as this watch I am keeping
My cats look like angels when they are sleeping

©Sally Connors

Sally Connors is an actress living in New York. She was the founding member for two theater companies, a Shakespeare company (True Lies) and an avant garde (Terra Incognita) She has acted in dozens of off off Broadway productions and a few independent movies. Her play Walking Shadow, was recently produced by ART Group in the Bronx and Manhattan.

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©Margie Culbertson

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