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Wheelchair–bound woman diagnosed her illness online

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Baceno, Italy —A formerly wheelchair–bound Italian woman has gone trekking in Nepal after diagnosing her illness on the internet.

Stefania Vanoni's illness had puzzled her doctors in Baceno in northern Italy for more than two decades.

Endless tests failed to find out why she was unable to walk, reported Italian media.

But after identifying the symptoms that had left her crippled as the condition known as Ataxia, she is now walking again and has to take one small tablet a day.

After reading how an inability to coordinate muscular movements was symptomatic of certain nervous disorders like a condition, she asked doctors to perform a DNA test which confirmed that she had Ataxia.

After six months of physiotherapy and treatments, she was able to walk again for the first time in 23 years and lead "a normal life".

She said: "I had visited lots of neurological experts and no one could help me. I wasn't particularly looking to cure myself on the internet, but was reading up on the subject and suddenly realized the symptoms they were talking about referred to me."

"I instantly demanded a DNA test because no one had ever mentioned this possibility to me."

Vanoni now wants to make up for lost time and following her trekking holiday in Nepal she is planning another trekking trip to Peru.

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