The Humor and Life, in Particular


author:   Margie Culbertson

25 Wonderful Things in Life

By Natural High


Washing your hair in the rain.

Dreaming that you have to take a final examination to graduate but did not attend class so I do not know where the exam room is. Then you wake up and realize you have graduated.

When the person you love stops kissing you to just touch your face and hold you and look at you and you know without words that they care about you so much.

Picturing your pen–pal smiling.

Running along the beach while it's raining.

Drinking fresh–squeezed orange juice.

Painting your toenails like a rainbow.

Making snowflakes out of paper.

Not being able to get that smile off your face.

A piece of warm, banana meringue pie. Yum!

Breaking 2 boards with one kick, even though you thought you couldn't. SCUBA diving in the open ocean for the first time.

A warm honey–bun after a long, stressful day at school!

Getting email from your 80 year old Mom because you gave her webTV!

Your third date together.

Sharing an inside joke with your best friend for the billionth time and still laughing hysterically about it.

Having your cat tell you that nobody in the world can scratch his chin the way you can.

Hitting 3–part harmony so perfectly that it rings.

Making an obscure reference and someone actually understands what you're talking about.

Realizing after 8 months in a wheelchair that you can walk again, even if it is with a cast.

Getting the job interview you wanted and having your friend ride along with you to the interview for moral support.

Spending a Saturday morning playing with a friend's toddler. Listening to his giggles and watching his expression as he explores his world.

Dangling your feet in the water.

Rolling around in warm soft grass.

Telling someone you love them.

©Natural High

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©Margie Culbertson

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